Where Did All The Homeless Go?

Does anyone know what happened to Bourroughville?

As previously reported by THE BUZZ a group of Sacramento’s homeless settled on North Natomas land owned by bounty hunter Leonard Padilla.

The camp was located west of Bayou Road, just south of the Sacramento International Airport and next door to the self-storage facility.

Yesterday morning, driving into the neighborhood from the airport, we noticed the camp seemed to have dwindled to one RV and one tent and the portable toilets were no longer visible, but the sign pictured here was still standing.

This morning, we drove out to Bayou Road to check it and and now both the RV and tent are gone and the sign has been knocked down. Literally.

All that is left of the camp are two white posts and one splintered sign. An e-mail message sent to Padilla yesterday has yet to generate a response.

Have any of THE BUZZ’s readers heard anything? If so, click on comment and let us know!

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