The Skies May Look Clear, But Natomas Residents Take Note

Sunday, Feb 17 Stage 1: No Burn Unless Exempt
Monday, Feb 18 Stage 1: No Burn Unless Exempt
Burning is prohibited in any device when air quality is forecast to exceed 40 micrograms per cubic meter. The rule prohibits burning any solid fuel, including wood, manufactured logs and pellets.
Burning is prohibited when air quality is forecast to be 36-40 micrograms per cubic meter unless EPA certified fireplace inserts or stoves, or pellet stoves are used.
Burning is discouraged when air quality is forecast to be 26-35 micrograms per cubic meter. If you choose to burn, burn cleanly by using an EPA certified fireplace insert or wood stove, or pellet-fueled device.
When the forecast is 25 micrograms per cubic meter or lower, the public is urged to burn cleanly.

Sacramento Regional Air Quality Forecast

Today and Tomorrow:
Sunday, Feb 17: 99 AQI Moderate (PM2.5)
Monday, Feb 18: 99 AQI Moderate (PM2.5)
Yesterday’s regional maximum:
Saturday, Feb 16: 72 AQI Moderate (PM2.5)
Extended Forecast:
Tuesday, Feb 19: Moderate (PM2.5)
Wednesday, Feb 20: Moderate (PM2.5)
Thursday, Feb 21: Good (PM2.5)
Friday, Feb 22: Good (PM2.5)

Visit for forecasts by county, current AQI readings, air quality maps, and additional air quality information.

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