Last Week’s NHS Lockdown: The Official Word

Here is the official Sacramento Police Department press release about the recent lockdown at Natomas High School:

3 Arrested During High School Lockdown

On Friday, Jan 25, at approximately 8 a.m., a citizen called the Sacramento Police Department and reported seeing a male black juvenile with a gun at the intersection of Truxel and San Juan Road.

Due to the close proximity to Natomas High School, it was suspected he was a student enroute to class.

Natomas High School Officials were notified. Shortly thereafter, the school instituted a lockdown.

School officials and the police jointly launched an investigation. A short time later two guns, an air-soft gun and a BB gun, were located on the campus grounds.

The guns were linked to two sophomore males. Both guns appeared identical to a real firearm.

The juvenile found in possession of the BB gun was charged with 626.10 of the penal code, possession of a prohibited weapon on educational grounds.

The juvenile in possession of the air-soft gun was cited and released for 32210 of the educational code, disturbing the peace.

A third subject became physically combative with a police officer and was arrested for 148 of the penal code, resisting arrest.

No injuries resulted from this incident. It is unknown at this time why the juveniles brought the weapons to school.


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