Just One Way You Can Help Our Neighborhood Schools

For many kids today, learning requires more than the classroom setting can provide. Students who, for a number of reasons, have fallen behind their peers need more individual attention than a teacher can give in a classroom setting. Therefore, the Natomas Unified School District has adopted a new nationally recognized mentoring program entitled HOSTS.

What Is HOSTS?
Help One Student To Succeed – A nationally recognized academic structured mentoring program that pairs a student who needs help in reading or math with a volunteer who wants to make a difference in a student’s life.

How Does HOSTS Work?
A mentor works with an individual student on materials and activities prepared by the HOSTS instructor to target specific skills.

Who Can Volunteer?
Any person who wants to help a student succeed in school is qualified to be a HOSTS mentor. All you need is a desire to help someone, an enjoyment of young people, and the ability to follow directions.

How Much Time Do Volunteers Spend Mentoring during the Week?
Most volunteers work one hour a week. Schedules are arranged to accommodate volunteers and to establish continuing relationships with students.

If I Volunteer Will I Receive Training?
Yes, Volunteers will be asked to attend a training session given by the HOSTS instructor. This session will acquaint you with the program, the materials used, and your specific duties. You will be guided and given help each day to ensure a successful experience.

Why Should I Volunteer?
The success of our community depends on the education that young people receive today. Your commitment as a HOSTS volunteer will play a vital role in increasing student achievement and self-esteem. The benefits for students are immense. The lessons they learn from you will motivate them to be more productive students and citizens in the future.
Consider becoming a volunteer in HOSTS and let your family, friends and neighbors know about this worthy effort to change a child’s life by mentoring in our schools for just one hour a week.

You can find more information at the Natomas Unified School District website or the Natomas Foundation website.

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