Governor Approves Levee Repair Funding

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday said the state will speed up $211 million of funding for levee improvements in Natomas.

The money will come from bond debt approved by voters in November 2006. The money will help pay for four projects, including $49 million for the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency’s levee projects in Natomas.

“I came to Natomas today because it is a perfect example of why we must continue to rebuild levees in California to protect people and economic growth,” he said in a written statement. “We must do everything we can to protect Californians from dangerous floods that could harm communities, agriculture and our water supplies. This money is an important step in addressing the serious public safety concerns that have also put hundreds of millions of dollars of Natomas development in jeopardy.”

Schwarzenegger also reportedly wrote a letter to President Bush requesting more federal money for levee work.

Check out local media coverage here: Capital Radio, Sacramento Business Journal, and the Sacramento Bee.


  1. As a homeowner in Natomas Park since the year 2000, I’m sickened to hear that our area is being reclassified as a 30 year flood zone (Sac Bee, Feb. 9). From 100 year to 30 year zone, in 8 short years? Human error and misjudgement are the only explanation for that. The levees should be repaired in 3 years. In the meantime, is there any way we can sue for negligence of all this? Or do we have to wait until a flood happens and our homes and — even worse — lives are lost? And how can we move in this housing market? – keeping my fingers crossed

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