Come Get Your Vote On!

Today is Primary Election Day in California…

For the first time since moving to North Natomas more than six years ago, my polling place has changed. I can’t complain, though, because it’s now only a block away — no excuse, right? No excuse not to vote, that is.

If you live in North Natomas and haven’t already done so, be sure to check your Presidential Primary Election sample ballot and confirm where you are supposed to vote. Your polling place may have changed…

Never fear if you cannot locate your sample ballot for some reason. The County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections website allows you to look up your polling site as well as check out a copy of your sample ballot, according to your party preference.

Not even sure you’re registered to vote locally? There is a website where you can check that out as well. The site uses a partial address and birth date for verification purposes, but does not show a registrant’s name or party to protect their privacy.

With all these handy online tools available to you, getting your vote on couldn’t be any easier. Got questions? Call 875-6451.

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