Because Some Things Just Bear Repeating

As previously posted, one of our favorite publications at THE BUZZ is “Twelve Ways to Improve Your Neighborhood… Right Now!” published by the city’s Neighborhood Services Department.

What are they, you ask?

  1. Report crime promptly.
  2. Report nuisances and other non-criminal problems promptly.
  3. Take away the opportunity for crime.
  4. Meet the youth who live on your block and greet them by name.
  5. Make a list of names and numbers of every neighbor on your block.
  6. Make a list of landlords in your area as well.
  7. Turn your porch light on.
  8. Walk around the block.
  9. Drive slowly on neighborhood streets.
  10. Pick up litter near your home, even if you didn’t put it there.
  11. Stay where you are.
  12. Help your neighborhood association or similar groups.

To read the list and explanations in their entirety click here.

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