Arrests, Traffic Enforcement, Oh My!

Courtesy north command Capt. Jeff Schiele:

2-28-08 at 3:10 p.m., Home Burglary
3000 block of Rancho Silva Drive
Beat Officers responded to call about unfamiliar subjects entering the backyard of a house. Upon arrival, an officer located one of two described juveniles leaving the rear of the residence. This subject was detained pending contact with the homeowner. The resident confirmed that the house was locked when she left, and further confirmed property found on the suspect was taken from her residence. The juvenile was arrested for burglary and possession of stolen property.

2-28-08 at 3:50 p.m., Possession of Illegal Videos
Parking lot of Manor Drugs, 2433 Northgate Blvd.
In response to a neighborhood complaint, POP Officers patrolled the parking lot of the Manor Drug store on Northgate Blvd. The officers located a subject who was found selling pirated DVDs. The suspect had over 100 pirated DVDs including films such as Rambo and Jumpers which are still playing in theaters. The suspect was arrested for felony possession of illegally recorded media.

2-27-08, Auto Theft
1700 block of Teralba
Victim recovered his stolen work truck this morning then contacted the GPS company that placed the tracker on his truck to see where his truck had been while it was in the hands of the suspect(s). Victim gets this information which revealed that his truck was at an address on Teralba for at least an hour. Victim responds to the address and locates his stolen tools in the backyard of the residence. Victim calls us, we locate more stolen property. Auto Theft Detectives respond to the address and the home owner gives consent. During the search the remainder of the victims’s property is located. Homeowner’s estranged husband is the suspect and is being sought for auto theft.

2-26-08, Day Shift, Traffic Enforcement
Duckhorn, Arena Blvd, and Truxel
Motor Team 70 focused enforcement along Duckhorn, Arena Blvd and Truxel Road. This resulted in the issuance of 68 traffic tickets and the seizure of 2 vehicles from drivers that had suspended licenses. While working on Duckhorn the motorcycle officers spotted a Volvo that was stolen from an apartment complex in North Natomas a few hours earlier. A pursuit of the Volvo ended in a crash near Jefferson Elementary School. The suspect was captured and arrested for auto theft and felony evading.

2-27-08, Day Shift, Traffic Enforcement
Northgate Blvd. between Garden Hwy. and I-80 Freeway
Five Traffic Enforcement units focused enforcement along Northgate Blvd. between Garden Hwy and I-80 Freeway. This resulted in the issuance of 49 citations and the seizure of one vehicle from a unlicensed driver.

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