A Word From NUSD Superintendent Steve Farrar

Posted today on the Natomas Unified School District’s website:

February 12, 2008

Dear Staff and Community,

I have been doing a lot of outreach, listening and soul-searching since I sent you a letter two weeks ago outlining the potential impacts of Governor Schwarzenegger’s budget proposal on the Natomas Unified School District and the prospect of our losing nearly $5 million in funding for 2008-09.

I’ve made visits to twelve schools and sites — with two more visits to come this afternoon and tomorrow — and personally shared our budget situation with nearly 300 of our certificated and classified employees.

I am examining a variety of ways to decrease operating costs, increase revenues and find new funding sources — all while protecting the students, employees and community as much as possible from the impacts of the governor’s proposal.

I’ve pored over every single district purchase order for the past year looking for ways to cut costs, examined suggestions from our employee groups, read the emails with your budget ideas, and taken to heart all that you have said and written.

At tomorrow night’s Regular Board meeting (February 13, 6 pm, at the Education Center, 1901 Arena Blvd.), I will present budget options for the Board’s consideration.

Here are my personal goals as we move through this difficult budget process:

  • Maintain the quality of relationships among students and staff while avoiding layoffs.
  • Maintain quality learning programs and a quality workforce.
  • Strive for a longterm solution to California’s chronic underfunding of schools.

To maintain our quality programs and relationships in these dire financial times would be a significant achievement for this district, our students and community.

Please know that I appreciate all that you do for the children of Natomas, and that we are facing this budget dilemma together – thank you.

Dr. Steve M. Farrar

Please note: Additional information will follow after the February 13th Board meeting.

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