I suggest this only because I think it would fit in with the theme of your blog, even though I am not a disinterested party. If you don’t like it I won’t be offended, several national stories on such things have just caught my ear and I thought of Natomas.

If you haven’t noticed Natomas has lost about 10 businesses in the last three months (Pick Up Stix, Virtu, Carvel, Sequoia Bank, Wireless Chatter, Wireless Connections, Help-u-sell, Coldwell Banker, California Home Furniture etc.) and it is my belief that we will lose about 20-30 more before the summer (the rest of the real estate, several restaurants, any store that has been in business for 4-4.5 years). Some of these businesses (maybe about 30-40%) are owned by Natomas residents. It might be an interesting feature to mention in your blog what businesses are owned by Natomas Residents and what impact supporting those businesses can have on the pocket books of Natomas residents (i.e. you buy stuff at our store and we pay property taxes that pay for schools, support local sports and programs and work closely with police to keep our neighborhoods safe). Just making sure that 5% of a families discretionary expenditures stay in the Natomas area and Natomas ownership could make a huge impact on our daily lives in the next year. I am sure most Natomas residents have no idea how many locally owned businesses we have and how many we are set to lose in the next 6 months. As I said, I am not a disinterested party, but I really don’t want to see vacant stores blighting our town in the next year. Below are some examples of Stay local movements in other places.


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