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I appreciate both the local community focus, and the shout of of anything important on Facebook. -Jason Fesler

I choose to support the Natomas Buzz because not only is it the only source of truly local news in Natomas, but it is extremely timely (more often than not beating other news sourc es to the story), generous in its representation of events from throughout the community, and well written. I also love their willingness to help others through the Buzz, whether it be helping to find a lost pet’s owner, or helping publicize a fund drive for a child in need. I feel incredibly lucky to have Natomas Buzz in our community. -Lisa Corr

We love The Natomas Buzz!  It is the best source for Natomas news. From high school football, grand openings (or closings), community events and crime logs, The Natomas Buzz has it all.  I’m proud to support a company that puts our community first and is dedicated to the residents of Natomas. -Wendy Mibach

Natomas Buzz is the best local source of timely neighborhood news. Neighborhood events, school district reports, local sports, crime watch, traffic, weather – Natomas Buzz has it all and keeps us connected. Join me in paying $5 per month through PayPal to support this important neighborhood resource! -Karen Thomas 

The Natomas Buzz is an independent publication that provides information specific to the Natomas region. I am supporting The Natomas Buzz because it is a local business and community-minded. It reports on a wide variety information such as public safety (flood issues, police activity and crime alerts), education (Natomas Unified School Board news, school events and fundraisers), and community events (Natomas Holiday Tree Lighting) and highlights local businesses (restaurants and services) and information from our elected officials. And since Natomas has grown in leaps and bounds in the past 10 years, The Natomas Buzz has been keeping pace with the community growth and issues. As a community member, the Natomas Buzz has been a vital partner in helping getting information out to the community. Supporting The Natomas Buzz financially will help them continue providing information to our wonderful home we call Natomas.  -Linn Hom

I’ve lived in Natomas now for 11 years. I really enjoy The Natomas Buzz because I find you carry stories about events and happenings in our community before anyone else does. The Natomas Buzz is worth the price because I want to read about what’s going on in Natomas as it happens, not after it happens. Deb Ray

The Natomas Buzz is the premiere go-to news resource in the Natomas area. As the world becomes more and more virtual, the Buzz has become Natomas’s online bulletin board, community center, and roundtable discussion platform for residents looking for breaking news, to assist their neighbors or to share a great picture. -Becky Heieck, North Natomas TMA

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