Street Spam: A Sign of the Times?

The Sacramento City Council has on its agenda tomorrow a workshop about proposed changes to the city’s sign code (City Code Chapter 15.148).

Council members are expected to comment and provide direction on signage including:

  • Private signs on City property (traditional public forum)
  • Private signs on City property (other than traditional public forum)
  • Street banners (banners attached to City-owned utility poles) and
  • Murals

There has been some talk among North Natomas residents about “street spam” or those illegal signs attached to stakes in the ground and attached to municipal poles.

It’s not clear from the agenda whether the goal is to make city signage rules more strict or not. If you are curious enough to ask, call Sandra Yope, Senior Planner at 808-7158 or Joy Patterson, Principal Planner at 808-5607.

And stay tuned…

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