Oh Tanenbaum, How Lovely Are Your Branches…

But now they are dead and the needles brown and dropping everywhere!

Taking my kids to school this morning I noticed quite a few lonely Christmas trees sitting in North Natomas street gutters. What are they waiting for? The tree fairy to whisk them off to the dump?

Well, I called the City Operator to find out what to do with said trees. The gal kindly informed me they should be chopped up and put into your Green Waste can for pick up on Friday.

Any questions? You can call her – or one of her helpful coworkers – at 264-5011!


  1. What? My can is already full of other debris (and the side of my yard waiting for next weeks pick up). And besides, my tree is now in front of someone elses house (thank you stormy weather)…are they supposed to cut up all three that are out there? And, who has tools to cut up a Christmas tree?

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