It Went Down Something Like This

Word on the street is Pick Up Stix employees at the North Natomas location did not get much more notice of the restaurant’s closure than the customers.

Sources tell THE BUZZ employees were called in for a conference call with corporate during which they were told the restaurant would close within the hour.

A mere 15 minutes later, a Pick Up Stix corporate representative and a security detail arrived to hand out final pay checks and dismantle the restaurant, leaving little but a sign in the window to explain the missing eatery.

The chain shut down more than two dozen of its restaurants, so the unexpected closure was not a direct result of the North Natomas economy per se but it’s still a blow to the neighborhood.

Pick Up Stix was the third store to open in the Park Place Shopping Center after PostNet, which opened first, and Raley’s, which opened second.


  1. SacMommas Canuck! says

    Oh I am so sad! We loved Pick Up Stix and we still talk about eating there and wishing they would put one in up here in Canada!

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