Isn’t This Sad?

Just a year after the City of Sacramento unveiled Hummingbird Park, its been vandalized.

The 4.4-acre park located on Duckhorn Drive, south of Arena Boulevard, is one of the city’s “themed” parks. It is designed to be a rest stop for birds and bees with “plantings of lavender, rosemary, butterfly bush and other shrubs.”

Hummingbird Park features include play structures, horseshoe arena, volleyball net and picnic facilities. There are also 17 mosaic sunflower sculptures and originally included six functional birdhouses.

But at some point in recent months, not just one but two of these cute birdhouses have disappeared, leaving behind only the posts on which they were mounted and the remnants of one tiny roof.

Each house is designed to “resemble human houses, with wood-shingled roofs, screen doors, chimneys and miniature flower boxes.” The sunflowers and birdhouses were included in the park’s $593,000 construction budget.

Hummingbird Park is a favorite play spot for North Natomas residents with smaller children and it’s sad to see such blatant disregard for a place enjoyed by so many.

Kokomo Park, in the Creekside neighborhood, has also been subject to repeated vandalism. What do you think can be done to preserve these parks?

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