City Responds to FEMA Report… Give Me a Break!

The fed’s decision to designate Natomas as a “flood hazard zone” was met with “anger” and “shock” by Sacramento city officials, the Sacramento Bee reports this morning. Apparently, the new rules “could cripple Sacramento’s economy.”

That would be pretty lame since the city had to see this one coming… Click here to read about all the frustration, shock, anger, dismay, etc.

Check out the reader comments section which accompanies the article. Sounds like the people who live in Sactown are more dialed in than the people who run it — I’m just saying.

P.S. If you haven’t bought your flood insurance yet, better get crackin’!


  1. The response from Heather Fargo is disappointing at best. It shows an utter lack of planning on her part, and shows that she has no concept of the depth of the problems facing Sacramento. In one sentence she dismissed the work of experts in a pitiful attempt to deflect from her own inadequacies, and the failures of our city council.

    I really hope that somebody runs against Fargo in the upcoming election. Our city really needs a stand up person with clear leadership capabilities.

  2. There has been more than one letter to the BEE editor in recent months saying we need a new mayor, however it appears that no one is willing or ready to step up to the plate.

    Anyone running against the existing leadership is going to need a huge financial treasure chest to fight the status quo.

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