Caltrans Announces Major I-5 Construction Project

Word of warning to those North Natomas residents who commute to work via Interstate 5…

Caltrans officials announced their plans to repair the boat section of I-5, a busy stretch of highway between

R Street


J Street

that is below the ground water level.

Over the years, the drainage system has become clogged, causing water to seep up and crack the pavement. The construction project, which will protect I-5 from potential flooding, is expected to begin in May 2008.

Caltrans estimates 306 days of construction and the work zone will span several lanes in each direction from

Richards Boulevard


Sutterville Road

.. The plan calls for the removal of old pavement, new drainage channels, monitoring systems, and a new layer of concrete.

For more information, call Caltrans Public Information Officer Mark Dinger at (530) 741-4572.

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