Smash & Grab

It must be that time of year again… There have been numerous reports of purses being snatched from cars parked at Natomas-area schools as of late.

Seems the perpetrators must be watching parents dropping off and picking up their kids and take note of mommies sans their purses. Once out-of-site, the victim’s car window is smashed and their purse grabbed. Last year, a friend of mine not only had this happen to her, she also WITNESSED one of these crimes taking place parked in the next car over!

Most recent reports come from the Merryhill School on Danbrook and the Long’s Drugs parking lot across the street.


  1. This happenend to me RIGHT IN FRONT OF KFC on Jan. 19th. My husband took my car to pick up dinner on a busy Sat. night. I leave my purse in the car in the garage sometimes and he usually brings it in before he takes my car. Long story short this time he didn’t and right in front of witnesses, they just smashed it and grabbed my purse. The Hampton Inn called the next day to say they found it in one of their exterior trash cans but of course they got away with my cash, credit cards and valuables. But these criminals are VERY brazen lately… you just can’t be too safe. Don’t leave anything in sight unless you want to deal with the hassle of getting your cards and window replaced…

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