Re: Where Have All The Homeless Gone?

In reference to THE BUZZ post about the now-gone homeless camp on bounty hunter Leondard Padilla's undeveloped property in North Natomas, Mr. Padilla has responded via e-mail:"The county finally … [Read more...]

Where Did All The Homeless Go?

Does anyone know what happened to Bourroughville?As previously reported by THE BUZZ a group of Sacramento's homeless settled on North Natomas land owned by bounty hunter Leonard Padilla.The camp was … [Read more...]

An Update On Homeless Survey

Remember the homeless survey we wrote about earlier this week? Click here to read the Sacramento Bee's coverage. … [Read more...]

Homeless to Be Counted Tonight in Sacramento County

The Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance along with other government, law enforcement, and community agencies are scheduled to conduct a survey of unsheltered homeless later today, in the … [Read more...]

Tales from the Greenbriar Patch

There will be a public hearing tomorrow night at the Sacramento City Council meeting about the infamous Greenbriar development.Even though North Natomas had officially been declared a flood hazard … [Read more...]

News from Tretheway’s Office

Just a few tidbits from Councilmember Ray Tretheway's district newsletter...Six New Officers Assigned to NatomasBeginning in early 2008 six new patrol officers will be assigned to Natomas. These new … [Read more...]