Kings Or No Kings – Natomas Will Land On Its Feet

FH000008BY BRANDY TUZON BOYD THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz Natomas will land on its feet no matter what happens with the Sacramento Kings, NBA or Sleep Train Arena. That was the message Monday from Sacramento Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby and... Read More >

Natomas Eyesores Could Soon Be Razed

ABANDONED TGI FRIDAY’S & SONIC DRIVE-IN CONSTRUCTION MARKS “GATEWAY” TO NATOMAS. Two abandoned construction sites that have marred the Natomas landscape for years could be razed soon if city officials have their way. At issue: Commercial properties where unfinished buildings... Read More >

Homes For Sale In Defunct Development

The cyclone fencing at the Natomas Meadows development off Del Paso Road is now open and “for sale” signs posted in front of model homes which have stood empty for more than two years. Natomas Meadows was meant to be... Read More >

More Houses Slated For Sacramento Region?

ABANDONED, UNFINISHED & “MOTHBALLED” RESIDENTIAL BUILDING PROJECTS IN NORTH AND SOUTH NATOMAS. Yesterday’s Sac Bee article “If Sacramento area’s housing climate ever revives, builders are ready” got us thinking — again — about plans to keep building homes in our... Read More >

Heard: GP Changes Prelude To Development

THE BUZZ has been asked to post this message which has been making the rounds on Natomas-area e-mail groups: Dear Natomas community leaders: Just a heads up about the County General Plan update hearings going on at the Planning Commission.... Read More >

Heard In The Neighborhood

…that city officials, developers and neighborhood leaders from Natomas will meet tonight to talk about the much-debated North Natomas Finance Plan.At issue: Funding for infrastructure such as police and fire stations and other neighborhood amenities long promised to those who... Read More >

In The News… Updated.

The Natomas Park Master Association’s decision to no longer allow renters of Natomas Park properties access to THE CLUB made the Channel 10 news today. The change had been brewing for some time and was subject of a recent vote... Read More >

Natomas Landing? Not Gonna Do It (Right Now)

Sources tell THE BUZZ that the controversial Natomas Landing project proposed for the west side of Natomas will be pulled from tonight’s and the Sept. 16 City Council agendas. According to our source, developer and politician Doug Ose is realizing... Read More >

So Much For Going Green

It’s a sad day when a city led by a mayor pushing to “go green,” which also happens to be the state capital, cannot sustain an environmentally friendly development project. And in Natomas no less. The much ballyhoed partnership between... Read More >

Field Of Unfulfilled Dreams

The site of the mothballed Natomas Meadows development looks just that — like a meadow in Natomas. Wonder how they plan to keep the weeds down? Meanwhile, just beyond the abandoned model homes, work on the low-income Willow Glen apartments... Read More >

A Little Bit Of School-Related Controversy

Looks like former Natomas schools administrator, Frank C. Harding, will be tried for conflict of interest, according to recent Sacramento Bee report. The Grant Union High School District continues to make news despite the formation of the Twin Rivers Unified... Read More >

New Library Has Broken Ground!

Sacramento City Council representativeRay Trethway addresses the crowd. Library board with Mayor Heather Fargobreaks ground at library site in North Natomas. North Natomas branch librarian Suziereads a story to youngsters who attended yesterday’s festivities. Here are some photographs from the... Read More >

North Natomas Alliance Meeting TONIGHT!!

The NNA meeting is TONIGHT at 7:30 p.m. at The Club at Natomas Park, could be a real humdinger if a good number of you decide to show up with your questions and opinions. The controversial Natomas Landing project that... Read More >

What’s Up With The Panhandle?

OK, don’t act surprised but it looks like the Sacramento City Council will not be discussing the Panhandle at its meeting this Tuesday night. The recommendation on the night’s agenda is to continue the item to April 1.