Sacramento North Soccer Club To Join US Club

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The Sacramento North Soccer Club will pursue membership with a different national youth soccer organization.

The decision came Tuesday after a vote to stay with the Natomas United Youth Soccer League failed, 5-7. One board member was absent from the April 30 board of directors meeting and two others left prior to the vote.

The California Youth Soccer Association over the weekend decided not to allow the north Natomas club to affiliate with another member Sacramento-area youth soccer league and recommended it remain with the Natomas United Youth Soccer League for the 2013 season. CYSA is the largest state youth soccer organization in the country and provides a democratic structure to its membership which includes the Natomas United Youth Soccer League and its three member clubs.

Following the failed the vote to stay with the Natomas league, talk turned to leaving CYSA and whether Sacramento North Soccer Club should instead join U.S. Club Soccer or the American Youth Soccer Organization.

During the discussion three board members – U5-U6 age group coordinator Jesus Vargas, coach coordinator Juan Maldonado and communications coordinator Jason Shoultz – resigned from their posts and left the meeting. (A fourth board member, U9-U10 age group coordinator John Aronholt, has since resigned from the board.)

U.S. Club Soccer was described at the meeting as wanting to expand into recreational soccer – which could mean Sacramento North Soccer Club teams only play each other during the 2013 season. The American Youth Soccer Organization was described having active programs in the immediate area, but co-ed teams and a different rule set.

In the end, the board members chose U.S. Club Soccer and to move forward with registration; two board members abstained from the vote.

A spokesman from U.S. Club Soccer said the organization did not “feel comfortable giving out information regarding other clubs (sic) membership” when asked about its recreation soccer programs in the Sacramento area.

In a statement on Facebook, the Sacramento North Soccer Club posted,  “SNSC will continue to offer a top notch soccer experience in our area.”

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  • soccerdadnatomas

    How sad for our soccer community. Wish these decisions would have been presented at the annual meeting after the season. Guess we will refer friends to Natomas Soccer Club (NSC) now.

  • I’d like the Buzz to find out why the board member resigned…just curious, to see all sides.

  • Cliff Seacord

    It would be awesome to get an article from the current board members who voted to leave the league and hear why they did it. All of the articles on this issue have been assuming that it was a bad decision.

    • Val

      I agree. The articles have been mostly one-sided since all of this has happened.

  • soccermomNatomas

    What is really going on here my kids had a good season 4 kids played all different levels. Does the blues in charge now just not want to Never unite with the purple??? I really really hope that is not the case. Is it out of spite now to continue this move. Is pride more important than the right thing for those they say they represent WHY would anyone not want a LOCAL league to succeed ask ourselves that. My kids have friends from all races, economic levels and schools and its a great thing! Several board members resigned from a 5/7 vote seriously that much of a divide and you choose to make harsh decisions when your own board has reservations. And if they dont like it what you are doing you vote them off the island so strange. Are we to now expect a letter from those left in blue that has anti unite anti community go to US club and play yourselves just to prove a point. Are we all suppose to just follow blindly and have our kids used as tools in this soccer power struggle I think NOT!

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